BOSCH  Divar IP 5000 NVR

BOSCH Divar IP 5000 NVR

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  • Fully featured video recording solution for up to 32 channels
  • Out-of-the-box IP video recording solution with up to 16 TB (4 x 4 TB) storage capacity
  • Robust, secure operation instant real time access to video
  • Instantly find what you are looking for
  • Remote viewing via Video Security App and Video Client by Bosch

DIP-5042EZ-0HD: DIVAR IP 5000 w/o HDD
DIP-5042EZ-1HD: DIVAR IP 5000 1x2TB
DIP-5042EZ-2HD: DIVAR IP 5000 2x2TB
DIP-5042EZ-4HD: DIVAR IP 5000 4x2TB
DIP-5044EZ-1HD: DIVAR IP 5000 1x4TB
DIP-5044EZ-2HD: DIVAR IP 5000 2x4TB
DIP-5044EZ-4HD: DIVAR IP 5000 4x4TB