Call Station Interface

Call Station Interface

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The LBB4437/00 is an interface between a single remote call station LBB 4437/00 Call Station Interface call station kit LBB4439/00 and the fiber optical Praesideo network. It uses CAT-5 cable for the connection to a remote call station. The CAT-5 cable, carrying digital audio and control data, can be as long as 1 km. The length of the CAT-5 cable extends the span of a Praesideo network considerably. The call station interface is powered by the Praesideo network, but a local power supply connection is also provided. The remote call station interface is fully supervised and complies to IEC60849.


  • Connects remote call station to Praesideo network via CAT-5 cable (up to 1 km)
  • Powered from Praesideo network and/or local power supply
  • Two supervised control inputs
  • Built-in DSP for audio processing functions
  • Complete supervision
  • IEC60849 compliant


  • Supports a single LBB4438/00 remote call station or LBB4439/00 remote call station kit
  • Allows for up to 1 km of CAT-5 cable to remote call station; the length of the CAT-5 cable comes on top of the maximum Praesideo system cable length
  • Fully digital, high quality sound
  • Supports fail safe mode of remote emergency call station
  • Complete supervision of call station and connection
  • Powered from Praesideo network and/or local power supply