Honeywell 8 Zone Voice Alarm controller

Honeywell 8 Zone Voice Alarm controller

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  • 8 Zone voice alarm controller
  • 8 Zone Paging system with pre-recorded messages for voice evacuation
  • Adopts LCD screen for easy operation
  • Simple integration with Fire Alarm Panels to activate EVAC/ALERT pre-recorded messages.
  • Built-in MP3 (USB) and FM/AM functions
  • Built-in loudspeaker for performing broadcast monitoring, with special monitoring volume control
  • 1 line input
  • 1 microphone input, provides mix and emergency paging output modes.
  • Provides 8 broadcast zone output function, the peak power of each zone is 400W, and the total power of the all 8 zones is 1000W
  • 1 alarm activation input
  • 19” 2U rack mount type
  • built-in USB, MP3, AM/FM player