Honeywell IntevIo 24-Zone Expander HeX-24

Honeywell IntevIo 24-Zone Expander HeX-24

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About The InTevIo Public Address And voice Alarm Range

Honeywell‚ĄĘs IntevIo Public Address and voice Alarm system is the ideal solution for single buildings. It is an integrated solution that can provide better stability, costsavings, and higher user experience and performance


 Supports up to 24 loudspeaker speaker zones 
 Single channel operation 
 Independent volume control for each audio channel 
 500W output capacity for each zone 
 Can connect up to 6 main amplifiers and 1 backup amplifier 
 Flexible amplifier backup mode, one backup amplifier can be used to back up all the amplifiers in the system 
 24 dry contact inputs (non-monitored) 
 Automatic fault detection: main power, backup power, CPU, amplifier, speaker line, speaker line grounding, dry contact inputs and network. 
 With one line input port, can be used in standalone mode or when the controller CPU fails 
Can work as stand alone (for PA announcements in case main Controller CPU fails) or in network mode along with HCU-2000 
Connect up to 5 units of HeX-24