Honeywell IntevIo Amplifier HAM-2000

Honeywell IntevIo Amplifier HAM-2000

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About The InTevIo Public Address And voice Alarm Range

Honeywell ™s IntevIo Public Address and voice Alarm system is the ideal solution for single buildings. It is an integrated solution that can provide better stability, costsavings, and higher user experience and performance:

 Complies to international standards 
 Plug-and-play for easy commissioning 
 Intuitive set-up with step-by-step guided interaction with the LCD front panel 
 Fully configurable keys to achieve any task at the press of a button 
 Modular architecture : expandable upto 128 speaker lines
 Dual channel audio capability
 Flexible amplifier backup modes to ensure low cost of ownership and high reliability 
 Digital volume control on all inputs/outputs
 Comprehensive fault detection and indication