Honeywell Intevio Call Station HMC-2000

Honeywell Intevio Call Station HMC-2000

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About The Intevio Public Address And Voice Alarm Range

Honeywell INTEVIO Public Address and Voice Alarm system is the ideal solution for single buildings. It is an integrated solution that can provide better stability, cost savings, and higher user experience and performance:

 Built-in speaker for audio channel monitor. 
 Temporary recording function for instant message recording and broadcasting. 
 Audio line to facilitate BGM from an external audio source
 Separate volume controller for mic input, line-in and speaker. 
 8 freely programmable buttons
 Expandable with X-K4/X-K8 keypad modules if required.
 Automatic fault detection. 
 CAT5 cable connection with HCU2000, max. distance is 1000m. 
 Powered by HCU-2000 or external power. 
 Up to 6 HMC-2000 can be connected in one system