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Station Remote

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The LBB 4438/00 Call Station Remote with the same functionality as the basic call station LBB4430/00, but it uses CAT-5 cable for its connection to the Praesideo network. It connects one-to-one to the call station interface LBB4437/00, which is part of the optical Praesideo network. The CAT-5 cable, carrying digital audio and control data, can be as long as 1 km. The length of the CAT-5 cable extends the span of a Praesideo network considerably. The LBB4438/00 can be extended with up to 16 keypads LBB4432/00 or LBB4434/00, each offering 8 configurable keys. The remote call station is powered by the call station interface via the CAT-5 cable, but a local power supply connection is also provided for long distance use with many keypads. The remote call station is fully supervised and complies to IEC60849. Even in case the Praesideo network controller would fail, the remote call station is still able to do emergency calls.


  • Connects to call station interface via CAT-5 cable
  • Up to 1 km from Praesideo optical network
  • Uses standard Praesideo keypads for extension
  • Built-in limiter
  • Powered via CAT-5 and/or local power supply
  • Complete supervision
  • IEC 60849 compliant